Top Quality Plants

Orchids Direct only supplies top-quality plants. Each plant is at least three years old, supplied in pots, blooms during the same season it is delivered and for many years thereafter. When you order plants from us outside or before their flowering season, you’ll receive them in bud or in a dormant state.

If you purchase an orchid from us in early spring it will have at least three buds – often pots will have seven or even more buds per pot.  Each bud or pseudobulb will produce at least one flower.  Throughout this site we have pictures of randomly chosen pots illustrating this. Please note that many of the Pleoine orchids that we sell have at least five and often up to ten bulbs in each pot.   Before you buy any orchid online please check the number of buds that you will receive – we believe we provide the best value for money anywhere in terms of quantity and quality of plants.

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