Cypripedium – ‘Vintri Pink’


Cypripedium – ‘Vintri Pink’ will produce several  flowers per plant with pink tones. The blooms of these temperate Cypripedium orchids, also known as Slipper Orchids, are nothing short of flamboyant. With their inflated lower petals they are truly the king of the hardy orchid. They prefer to grow in a slightly shady spot, although a few hours of sun or full shade are also tolerated. Under bushes or trees or North, West or East facing positions, they are not picky. Alternatively you can keep these Cypripediums in a spacious pot in suitable compost.  Intense colors, delicate markings and unusually shaped petals make these ideal display plants.  For more information see: Orchid Care, Publications and Quality.

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Growth habit:Leaves grow in Summer, disappear in Autumn and reappear in Spring
Flowering:April – June, depending on the cultivar chosen
Flowering colors:Pink tones
Height:40 – 55 cm, depending on the cultivar
Temperature:Between -25 / +25 0 Celsius
Position:In the shade or partial shade, facing North, West or East.
Where:In the garden or in a spacious pot
Soil type:Well-drained, airy soil, neutral to alkaline
Water:Water regularly, but make sure that the roots do not stand in water
Fertilization:Just like other perennials, preferably organic
Additional Info:Do not remove the leaves until they are completely dead


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