Pleione Hybrida


Pleione Hybrida orchids have big spectacular flowers that are easily grown in a frost free greenhouse, on a cool shaded windowsill or outdoors if they are given adequate winter protection.    The flowers,  borne singly or in pairs are made up of a central tube with a large flower lip usually ridged and fringed and marked with colored blotches ranging from dark pink to snow white and all shades in between.  We deliver plants with 10 – 15 pseudobulbs, which must be kept partly above ground when planting, just as they are delivered in the pot. Flowering takes place between  April – May and can last up to 4 weeks.  For more information see: Orchid Care, Our Publications and Quality.

Growth habitThe foliage appears in the spring to die back in the fall
FloweringMay – September
Flowering colorsWhite, pink, red, orange, purple and all shades in between
Height20 – 25 cm with flowers, 40 – 45 cm with leaves
TemperatureBetween -10 / +30 degs Celsius
PitchIn the shade or partial shade, preferably on a sheltered plate, avoid full sun
ApplicationIn the garden or in a spacious pot.  First bloom indoors and then plant in garden if desired
Soil typeWell-drained humus-rich soil, neutral to acid
WaterWater regularly between April and September
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