Pleione Gift Pack – 6


This Pleione Starter Pack contains 6 pseudobulbs. Pleione Hybrida orchids have big spectacular flowers that are easily grown in a frost free greenhouse, on a cool shaded windowsill or outdoors if they are given adequate winter protection. The flowers, borne singly or in pairs are made up of a central tube with a large flower lip usually ridged and fringed and marked with colored blotches ranging from dark pink to snow white and all shades in between. Pseudobulbs must be kept partly above ground when planting. Flowering takes place between April – May and can last up to 4 weeks.  For more information see: Orchid Care, Our Publications and Quality.

Growth habitThe foliage appears in the spring to die back in the fall
FloweringMay – September
Flowering colorsWhite, pink, red, orange, purple and all shades in between
Height20 – 25 cm with flowers, 40 – 45 cm with leaves
TemperatureBetween -10 / +30 degs Celsius
PitchIn the shade or partial shade, preferably on a sheltered plate, avoid full sun
ApplicationIn the garden or in a spacious pot.  First bloom indoors and then plant in garden if desired
Soil typeWell-drained humus-rich soil, neutral to acid
WaterWater regularly between April and September
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