Cypripedium Pink Low – C.macranthos x C.parviflorum (finished flowering)


Large-flowered hybrid. A stem appears from each bud with 1 – 3 flowers per stem with a size of 6 to 8 cm per flower.

Height: from 25-30 cm.

Flower size: approx. 5-7 cm. Color: pink with white

Flowering time: May-June

Location: usually grows best in (semi) shaded places on neutral or calcareous soil.

Growth habitleaves emerge in spring in summer, then bloom, in autumn it disappears until spring, similar to an average perennial.
BloomApril – June, depending on the cultivar
Bloom colorsPink, possibly. with some white
Height25-30 cm
TemperatureBetween -25 / +25 0 Celsius
PitchIn the shade or partial shade, facing north
ApplicationIn the garden or in a large pot
Soil typeWell-drained, airy soil, neutral to calcareous
WaterWater regularly, but make sure that they are not in the water with the roots
FertilizationJust like other perennials, preferably organic
AdditionalDo not remove the leaf until the leaf has completely died


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