Calanthe Hybrida


Calanthe Hybrid orchids have the longest flowering time of all hardy orchids. They come in an almost endless variety of colors and their evergreen leaves make them an ideal plant to use to lighten up a dark shady spot in the garden.  They even have perfumed flowers!   Unfortunately at the moment we’re not able to deliver plants by color but we can assure you that every plant that you purchase will have either beautiful pink or yellow flowers!  For more information see:  Orchid CarePublications and Quality.

Growth habitThe only evergreen garden orchid
Flowering colorsWhite, pink, red, yellow, double colored or brown
Height35 – 60 cm, depending on the cultivar
TemperatureBetween -10 / +30 degs Celsius
PitchIn the shade or partial shade, preferably in a sheltered place, avoid full sun
ApplicationIn the garden or in a spacious pot due to the long flowering period
Soil typeWell-drained humus-rich soil, from neutral to high acidity / low pH
WaterWater regularly between April and September
FertilizationThe same as the other perennials, preferably give organic fertilizers
AdditionalCut the old leaves in the spring, each bulb can be planted separately if desired
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