Cypripedium Orchids

Garden Orchids such as the blooms of these terrestrial Cypripedium orchids, also known as Slipper Orchids or Lady Slipper orchids, are nothing short of flamboyant.  With their inflated lower petals they are truly the king of the hardy orchid.  Lady Slipper Orchids are only found in the Northern Hemisphere – North America, North & South East Asia, with the only European cultivar being the Cypripedium calceolus.

Cypripedium are garden orchids with rhizomes that have a dormant winter period when they die down, enabling them to survive periods when the climate is inhospitable.  Most varieties can easily handle temperatures of -25°C or more. Cypripediums prefer to grow in a slightly shady spot, although a few hours of sun or full shade are also tolerated. Under bushes or trees in North, West or East facing positions, they are not picky. The same applies to soil type. If possible, mix some substrate, fine gravel or coarse sand through the soil where the plants will be placed.  Optionally, you can also mix some lime into the soil.  In principle, treat these orchids just like any other plant in the garden: fertilize in the spring and possibly later to achieve extra leaf and root growth.

Intense colors, delicate markings and unusually shaped petals make the cypripdeium an ideal display plant.    For more information see: Orchid Care, Our Publications and Quality.

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