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Hardy ground orchids are members of the Orchid family (known as Orchidaceae),  one of the largest plant families  with more than twenty thousand different species. The plants are evergreen or herbaceous perennials and are native to every continent except Antarctica.  Intense colors, delicate markings and unusually shaped petals make them ideal display plants.  There is a huge diversity of flowers. Typically each flower has three petal-like sepals and three petals.  The third, usually the lower petal is called the lip and is often differently shaped from the other petals. It is usually more flamboyant and more intensely marked. Some are inflated and form a pouch or slipper as in the Cypripedium, commonly known as the Slipper Orchid.

Some readily interbreed and growers frequently produce new hybrids.   We have a wide range of hardy ground orchids for sale, such as the Bletilla, Pleione, Calanthe and of course the Cypripedium or Slipper Orchid.

Below is just a selection of the many different types of top quality ground orchid plants that we have for sale and which we can ship worldwide.

Our 2020/2021 Hardy Orchid Selection ​

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Bert & Ian are co-founders of Orchids Direct and are proud to be able to share their passion for hardy garden orchids with you !


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